Our Story

Sonjo is a media production company specialising in content creation designed to centre the human story in brand experiences and promote community empowerment.

Sonjo is a word taken from the indigenes Mende tribe of Sierra Leone, West Africa. It loosely translates to ‘share your joy’. The production company was the vision of founder Paul Samuels.

 “I had spent the largest part of a decade as a freelance producer for media production companies and marketing agencies across Europe. The importance of brand identity within marketing was evident but what always fascinated me was the human story within the brand narrative and that became the mission for everything Sonjo produces. Through media production, we enhance the craft of storytelling and anchor the human experience as the centrepiece of the narrative.” 

By capturing authentic moments we share the human experiences from a place of respect and appreciation, allowing the audience to relate with emotions of love, joy and passion. It is in these moments that true connections are formed and the art of storytelling comes alive.