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Sonjo is a digital production company. Creating engaging and entertaining content for audiences and brands the world over``


Located in the centre of Accra amongst the hustle and bustle of a busy city is an oasis of peace and serine beauty. Don’t take our word for it see it for yourself.

We love pizza so it made sense when we were asked to do a video about one of the best pizza spots London.

I must confess our Love affair with Ethiopian /Eritrean food is common knowledge in our circles. Yet there is so much more happening than just the food…

Now this statement can finally stand for more than just showing off! However in the spirit of showing off. Check this out!

The food adventures of a group of unique individuals with a palate that could only have been evolved from living in one of the most culturally diverse and metropolitan cities in the world. LONDON!

Melter are on a mission: in their quest to make sure they never serve up dry meat balls, they’ve created something glorious and really quite delicious…

When the artist Oddisee found his l ove in music he k new that would be a challenge for any other love in his life to take on…


‘Living the Dream Africa’, a show where property agents aid house hunters desperate to break the African property market by helping them find that home they have always wanted.


A short documentary which explores Freetown Sierra Leone post Ebola. This short documentary explores the truth about Freetown…

DEMAC is an ECHO funded project that is aimed at improving diaspora emergency response capacity and coordination with…


The Sonjo story begins soon after the Ebola pandemic in Sierra Leone. Founder Paul Samuels and his creative collective had reached a heightened degree of discontent against the way conventional media channels had chosen to focus on the negative side of the stories that were being reported. Neglecting the rich human and cultural aspect behind some of the people’s stories.

“Being a second generation Sierra Leonean immigrant living in the UK I knew a lot of the press coverage was being fabricated, as I had family members living in Freetown and they were reporting a totally different picture.”

Paul Samuels

After years of complaining to friends and strangers about how I was fed up with the way Africa and the stories of people of the diaspora were being presented by mainstream media a close friend during a coffee meet-up challenged me to go tell a different one. Always being up for a challenge, I packed my bags jumped on the first flight to Freetown and made the short documentary ‘The Ebola Stigma Vaccine’ and Sonjo media was born. That’s our story question is, how do we tell yours?

If you are in the neighbourhood why not pop in for a coffee or just give us a call.

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